Making roof warranty claims easier for your customers!

At Roof Warranty Pros, we understand the headaches that come with managing roof shingle warranties for your customers. Dealing with manufacturers, submitting claims, coordinating repairs - it's a time-consuming and complicated process. That's why we've created a simple solution to help businesses streamline their shingle warranty claims process.

Our kit provides everything you need to make the warranty claim process as easy as possible for your customers. We provide all the necessary forms, instructions, and materials needed to complete a warranty claim, minimizing the time and effort required from your business.

Our friends at Roofing Technical Center have years of hands-on experience in the industry. Once you and your customer complete the kit and send it in, they will evaluate the damage and determine the next steps. We're committed to providing exceptional customer service and making the warranty claims process stress-free for our clients and their customers.

At Roof Warranty Pros, we're dedicated to helping businesses provide the best service possible to their customers. Contact us today to learn more about how our Roof Warranty Claim Kit can help you simplify your warranty claims process and keep your customers happy.

A word from the professionals at Roofing Technical Center...

There are only a few reasons why roofing shingles fail.

Mother Nature, extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and hail, and falling tree debris are routinely common and usually handled by the Insurance industry as “Acts of God” and rightly so.

“End of life” is a natural progression of things. A 30-year roof lasting a good 40–50 years
is at a stage where plans should be made to replace it. It has served its purpose and that
is what it was paid for.

Misapplication, mostly isolated, can also play a part in shingle failure. For those types of issues, the installer/applicator would be responsible to address and repair the problem.
Most contractors offer a warranty on their workmanship and are good at honoring those

The only other reason shingles fail is the quality of the material or materials being used
in the manufacturing of the roofing shingles. Often this is a difficult thing to identify
unless the problem is severe enough to be clearly seen. In other cases, the defect is still
there, like a rot or cancer, but unless the examiner has been in the roofing technology
side of the business, it won’t be noticed until it’s too late.

That is where Roofing Technical Center comes in.

Members of our staff have tested and examined thousands of roofing shingles and been
involved for issuing countless number of compensation reimbursements on roofing
claims. They have also been responsible for actually creating the specific criteria for
identifying these defects.

Let us help you, assist your customers in getting the compensation they deserve.

- Roofing Technical Center